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What are the characteristics of the flying saw cutting scheme?


Today xiaobian to give you an introduction to an excellent flying saw sawing program has the characteristics:

1, can improve the quality of sawing workpiece;

2. The high-speed and gentle curve reduces the impact of the machine and improves the service life of the equipment;

3. Improve sawing speed and productivity;

4, synchronous algorithm to avoid the saw blade;

5. Safe and reliable.

Shenyang xinruite focuses on motion control and tension control system solutions. An excellent system solution integrator, in addition to skilled use of electronic control solution products, but also need to have a deep understanding of machinery, can in the implementation of the program with equipment vendors jointly discuss the rationality of machinery, optimize the mechanical structure, make the perfect combination of machinery and electrical, truly achieve electromechanical integration. On the same solid frame, the system adopts the softness of motion control curve to determine the vibration and impact of the machine, and affect the accuracy, durability and service life of the machine. The softer the curve is, the faster the speed will be. On the contrary, the larger the impact is, the higher the speed and productivity will be sacrificed. Fly saw system in metal molding products industry production link to improve product quality, improve production efficiency, reduce production costs, improve industrial efficiency, create value for customers.

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