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What are the advantages of HSS cold cutting saw blade? In what ways?


Advantages of HSS cold cutting saw blade: high cutting speed, cutting efficiency to optimize, high efficiency; The saw blade has low deflection and no burr on the section of the steel pipe being sawed, which can improve the sawing accuracy of the workpiece and maximize the service life of the saw blade.

The sawing method of cold milling is adopted. The sawing process generates little heat to avoid the change of internal stress and material structure at the incision section.

with high speed steel cold cutting saw processing workpiece incision end quality: the use of optimized cutting method, the cutting section precision, no burr inside and outside, the cutting surface smooth and clean, no need for flat head chamfer and other subsequent treatment (reduce the processing intensity of the next process), saving the process and raw materials; The workpiece will not change the material due to the high temperature caused by friction; Low fatigue of operators, improve sawing efficiency; No spark, no dust, no noise; Environmental protection and energy saving.

long service life, the use of the saw blade grinding machine repeated over grinding teeth, the service life of the repaired and sharpened cold cut saw blade and the new saw blade life is the same. Improve production efficiency and reduce cost.


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